Universal Steady Rest

Product details:

195.66  (including 21 % VAT )
€ 161.7 (excl. VAT)

Diameter: 5 - 160 mm
Height: 50 - 320 mm

Very often you want to turn a long thin object, but the wood breaks easily, so it can be useful to support the piece with a steady rest.

The steady rest is also very useful for providing support when turning vases.
The steel arms can be set in numerous positions and configurations and fit from Ø 5 mm up to 160 mm. The transparent silicone wheels, on double ball bearings, allow for optimum operation without damaging the wood.

The base plate is made of steel and is suitable for all lathe models on the market.

The column, made of extruded aluminium, is rigid and the system offers good strength and robustness, expressed particularly in the direction of the turning effort.


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