Balancing Support M33 x 3,5 mm

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157.80  (including 21 % VAT )
€ 130.41 (excl. VAT)

This support makes it possible to securely fix a spindle or a backing pad with an M33x3.5 mm connection and to zero the vibrations generated by the workpiece when it is unbalanced. It is possible to balance the eccentric weight of the wood, using the two balancing discs, to reduce vibrations during machining and improve the stability of the lathe.

The advantage of this system is the longer life of the lathe bearings and the reduction in vibrations that disturb machining.
Equipped with two balancing discs with a diameter of 100 mm, it enables imbalance on the lathe of up to 2 kg to be eliminated.
Both sides are manufactured with the M33x3.5 connection with DIN800 flange.

Balancing the system on the lathe is simple, once the chuck is mounted with the workpiece on the lathe, tightened, lift the lathe motor and completely loosen the drive belt, so the heaviest weight will go down.
Loosen the balance screws and lock nuts and adjust the balancing discs a little at a time until the system no longer turns by itself, i.e. it is balanced.


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