Scheppach Belt & Disc Sander BTS800

Product details:

215.00  (including 21 % VAT / excl. recupel)
€ 177.69 (excl. VAT)

Belt sander and disc sander in one. This makes it a multifunctional device with high results.

  • Induction motor with a powerful, quiet and reliable result
  • The belt sander unit can be adjusted 90° from vertical to horizontal
  • The sanding table, which can be adjusted by 45°, can be used for both belt and disc sanding
  • The iron housing ensures that the sander is stable during use so that you can apply as much pressure as necessary
  • Sanding discs are easy to attach thanks to the Velcro system
  • The belt speed is 7.5 metres per second
  • The size of the sanding belt is 915 x 100 mm

Net weight: 24.5 kg
Width of belt: 100 mm
Belt speed: 7.5 m/s
Disc diameter: 150 mm
Frequency: 0 - 50 Hz
Height: 330 mm
Idle speed: 0 - 2850 rpm
Belt length: 915 mm
Lenght: 470 mm
Max. grain size: 180
Nom. power consumption: 370 W
Suitable for cleaning: No
Suitable for grinding: No
Suitable for metal: No
Suitable for plastics: Yes
Suitable for sanding: Yes
Suitable for wood: Yes
Swivelling: -45 - 90 °
Voltage: 230 V
Width: 370 mm
With stand: No


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