Machine Wax

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15.92  (including 21 % VAT )
€ 13.16 (excl. VAT)

Machine Wax greatly reduces friction between timber and the surface of machine tables or hand tools. This makes processing much smoother and results in an increase in the quality of the machined surface.

Machine wax is silicone free, apply sparingly to the machine tables and buff with a soft cloth. Its use is of particular benefit on aluminium alloy and cast iron. Used regularly, it also helps prevent corrosion. By lessening friction between the workpiece and machine surfaces, you gain greater control. Always remember to disconnect machinery before applying wax.

  • Unique anti-friction formulation (contains no silicone)
  • Low friction wax for machine tables
  • Suitable for lubricating saw blades, cutting tools etc
  • Use on handsaw blades and soles of hand planes
  • Helps prevent corrosion on cast iron machine tables
  • Silicone free, will not mark or penetrate the wood
  • Simply apply and buff with a cloth
  • Supplied in a 400g tin


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