100% Tournage - Techniques et modèles

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Author: Pat Ganot
ISBN-13: 9782350582627
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 129
Dimensions: 295 x 210 x 5 mm
Language: French

The complete guide to woodturning. Presentation of woodturning wood, the wood lathe and essential devices, tools and accessories, working techniques: the aim is to give you a complete and precise vision of woodturning with a constant concern for safety. Practical application is the other key aspect of this book, with a fine set of varied models. Each one is presented in the form of a complete step-by-step procedure, very well illustrated, so that you can see the gesture and reproduce it as well as possible. Each model uses very specific techniques, presented in a very progressive way: tores and grooves, interlocking, hollowing, off-set, texturing...

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