L’art du bois tourné français - Cyril Moré

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€ 37.69 (excl. VAT)

Author: 22 Créateurs
ISBN-13: 9782957955701
Binding: Hard Cover
Pages: 143
Dimensions: 235 x 310 x 15 mm
Language: French

20 years since there was a book on French turners!
The art of wood turning characterises a contemporary art-craft practice: wood turning. For a long time, this art book focuses on the technical aspect of woodturning. It presents twenty-two portraits of those who call themselves craftsmen, craftsmen-sculptors or even craftsmen-turners, whose creations are based on woodworking. In this book, texts and images are mixed together to give an overview of creative woodturning as it exists today in France.   

Prefaced by Jean-François ESCOULEN, the aim of this book is to show to the greatest number of people the diversity of creation in French woodturning. The ambition is to make people want to buy art turning and to make young (and not so young) people want to take up this practice.

The selection of artists made by Cyril MORÉ, is representative of the current French woodturning.


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