Storage case for Elipse mask

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  • Brand: GVS
  • Type: Elipse P3 R
  • Product Code: SVG-SPM001
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'This mask does it all, A quality item that fits well, doesn't steam up my glasses and I can wear a face shield at the same time... Brilliant' - Nick Agar (Professional Woodturner)  

The ELIPSE P3 R carries the highest classification for a particulate filter, providing protection against dust particles, metal fumes, asbestos, oil & water mists, vapours, bacteria & viruses.
EN143requires the efficiency to be at least 99.95%. The ELIPSE P3 R achieved 99.98%at 0.3 micron.
It is perfect for everyday use from DIY and commercial construction through to the more demanding environments of metalworking, welding and stonemasonry. 


  • Approved to European Standard EN140: 1998, BS EN143:2000. APF 20
  • Elipse twin filter ready to wear half mask
  • Latex and silicone free, lightweight TPE face piece that is comfortable to wear for long periods of timeLow profile filters provide unobstructed field of vision
  • Compatible with other PPE safety products including visors and welding helmets



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