Easy Woodcarving / Cyndi Joslyn

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Author : Cyndy Joslyn

ISBN-13 : 978-1-56523-288-4

Pages : 152

Soft Cover

Simple Techniques for Carving & Painting Wood

With hundreds of color photos and easy-to-use patterns, Easy Woodcarving is the step-by-step guide for beginner carvers. No previous carving knowledge is needed. Anyone can learn the basics of carving with the easy-to-follow skill-building exercises, clearly defined terms, and the informative chapter on choosing tools and selecting wood. New carvers will discover just how "easy" this craft can be!

Inside You'll Find:
-Techniques for Carving Basic Shapes
-Easy-To-Use Patterns That Resemble the Patterns Crafters Use
-Simple Painting Instructions
-Bonus Sewing Projects


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