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Author: Derek Hayes

ISBN: 9781681088659

Pages: 176

Language: English

Soft Cover

In this inspiring book, Derek Hayes investigates the process and practice of design in woodturning. Design is rarely a priority for the beginner woodturner and most turners in their early work begin by concentrating on technique rather than shape or form, which can prove counter-productive. While aiming to instill confidence in appreciating, criticising and selecting sources of inspiration, Derek doesn’t tell you what is good or bad, but rather questions why we may find one turning attractive and another ugly. He looks closely at design elements, sketching, proportion, pattern, open forms, closed forms, the foot, the rim, using wood, decoration and colour; with instructive diagrams and photographs that will guide the reader to a better understanding of design. Readers are encouraged to question and fine-tune this understanding and experiment with ways of applying the approaches of other designers to their own work. Where inspiration is found is not important, but how we transform what is seen into something which is definitely our own is what matters. Each chapter starts with a photographic example of what Derek sees as good design in a medium other than woodturning. The pieces are not ‘deconstructed’ to justify his choice, but are there to serve as a reminder to the turner, as David Ellsworth has said, ‘...to look for design choices with critical awareness’.


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