PLANO 3 glue presses 1100 mm + 1m wall rail

Product details:

496.12  (including 21 % VAT )
€ 410.02 (excl. VAT)

Because the press is placed vertically along a wall with a guide rail to hold the clamps in place, the whole takes up less space and the weight of the clamps is no longer a problem. An additional convenience of the vertical mounting is that the plates can be placed one by one on the adjustable lower holder and can be carefully positioned prior to clamping.

The unique features of PLANO are created by the advanced connecting arms that distribute the pressure on the four surfaces. PLANO makes it possible to bond very thin workpieces.

Contains: 3 glue presses + 1 wall rail

  • Weight: 12.8 kg
  • Height: 1100 mm
  • Width: 35 mm
  • Max. Height of workpiece: 1050 mm


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