Record Power Planer Air Filter AC400, 230V

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The Record Power AC400 air filter offers great features and performance at a very competitive price. It features a two-stage filtration system that provides filtration down to 1 micron. The AC400 has 3 speeds and a timer function, so you can keep the unit running even when you have left the workshop. These functions can be set with the supplied remote control. Supplied with mounting hooks, chains, internal filter (1 micron) and external filter (5 micron).

Useful for reducing dust nuisance, especially in small workshops. This unit offers an effective two-step filter system for workshops up to 113m3. The remote control allows you to set how long you want the unit to run, with a choice of 2, 4 or 8 hours. This way you can leave the unit running after your work session.

The Record Power AC400 air filter has 3 speeds.
High speed: 409 cubic feet per minute, 11.58 cubic metres per minute, 69 Decibels 
Medium speed: 362 cubic feet per minute, 10.25 cubic metres per minute, 67 Decibels 
Low speed: 260 cubic feet per minute, 7.36 cubic metres per minute, 62 Decibels

Two filters are included and should be cleaned or replaced periodically. The outer filter can be easily removed by undoing two clips.

Once the external filter has been removed, the internal filter can be pulled out. The inner filter can be blown out with air or washed out. The filter must be completely dry before it is inserted again.

The filters must be replaced and/or cleaned, depending on the intensity of use and the environment of your workshop. Clogged filters reduce air circulation. The correct way to mount the external filter is with the mesh facing inwards.

The unit has a 5-year warranty.

Noise level: 69 dB

Filtration: 1 Micron

Circulation: 7, 10, 11.5 m3 / min

Motor: 100W

Weight: 14 kg

Dimensions: 258 x 431 x 514 mm

5-year warranty


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