Bessey Workbench-adapter 19 mm for TW16

Product details:

17.84  (including 21 % VAT )
€ 14.74 (excl. VAT)
  • Precise, individual clamping.
  • Tempered profile and sliding arm for sprung and elastic clamping.
  • Max clamping height: 200 mm, Throat depth: 100 mm
  • Various design versions:
    TW16-20-10-2K: High quality 2‐component plastic handle with smooth‐running trapezoidal threaded spindle and tool-free pressure plate replacement.
    TW16-20-10H: Lever handle with an indexing mechanism for controlled, fast and vibration-proof clamping.
  • Comes with 16 mm axe.
  • A 19 mm adaptor for use on workbench is available as an option (TW16AW19).


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