Chucks and accessories

Carriers, chucks and claws: attention points.

Most wood lathes come standard with a carrier (in the fixed head), and a rotating center point (in the loose head). This basic equipment allows turning between the centres: lamp bases, table legs, etc.

When turning bowls, saucers, boxes, etc., the workpiece is not fixed between the centres, but only on the side of the drive shaft. This can be done by means of a carrier plate (a normal round disc with holes), a screw driver (a small disc with a central screw), or with a claw plate or "chuck".

Claw plates for wood lathes are very similar to claw plates for metal lathes, they are derived from it. The essential and very important difference is in the claws. The claws of these claw plates are made to clamp WOOD: they have a much larger clamping surface and they have a totally different shape.

Sometimes they have a dovetail profile and a smooth finish. In that case it is important that the diametre of the workpiece corresponds as closely as possible to the diametre of the jaws in that position where the circumference of the jaws forms approximately a circle.

The better the surface of the wood connects to the surface of the claws, the greater the clamping force. In the case of claw plates with smooth claws, the adjustability of the claw plate serves solely to tension and relax; not to be able to clamp different diametres. That is the reason why manufacturers of such chucks usually offer a whole range of claws with different diametres.

The claws of ONEWAY are (at least on the inside) not round and not smooth. They have a special, patented profile, which makes it possible to clamp not only very different diametres, but also square pieces. The clamping force is excellent in all cases. Claw plates are always screwed onto the shaft; its internal thread must therefore be adapted to the axis of your wood lathe. The most common thread in Europe is M33 x 3.5 mm, Din 800. For some older lathes, the thread in the jaw plate must be adjusted or an adapter must be made.


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