Available soon - Renewed DB1000 woodturning lathes

15-04-2021 11:09:28

Made in Belgium

It is with some pride that we present the new line of WIVAMAC DB wood lathes. In fact, they are the old faithful models in a modern guise. Since the earlier WIVAMAC DB lathes were praised for their reliability, build quality and precision, we have kept these good elements. However, these newer modern versions now have a speed indicator with corresponding new electronics.
Fully manufactured and assembled in Belgium!

There are 2 models available, WIVAMAC DB1000 2.1 and WIVAMAC DB1000 2.2 .
Both models have a centre height of 260 mm and a distance between centres of 900 mm! 

The difference between both models is mainly in the motor power: 750W (1 HP) for the WIVAMAC DB1000 2.1 and 1500W (2 HP) for the WIVAMAC DB1000 2.2
An additional difference can be found in the operation. With the WIVAMAC DB1000 2.1, the control buttons are integrated in the headstock, while the WIVAMAC DB1000 2.2 has the same operation mode as the WIVAMAC Zebrano models, namely a Control Box with numerous settings.

All this makes this new generation of WIVAMAC lathes 'Made in Belgium' unbeatable in terms of price/quality ratio. Of course, the well-known WIVAMAC service is included for free.

WIVAMAC DB1000 2.1 - Click here for more information.

WIVAMAC DB1000 2.2 - Click here for more information.


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