Sharpening knives for the professional kitchen and the home chef


Many say a sharp knife is every chef's best friend. A sharp knife minimizes the risk of harm and means you're less likely to waste precious ingredients. And what's more, it's a pleasure to work with newly sharpened knives.

A Tormek knife sharpener will ensure you always have razor-sharp knives. You don't have to hand over responsibility for the quality of the sharpening to someone else. So maybe a good knife sharpener is every chef's best friend?


We can proudly say we know the ropes of sharpening thanks to over 45 years of experience when it comes to sharp edges. We know that different knives and steels require different angles, that heat development can affect tempering, and that there's a difference between sharpening and honing. We have taken this and much more into account in our machines.

With a Tormek in the kitchen, the knives will be just as happy as the chef! Whether it's a home kitchen or a Michelin-starred restaurant. And happy chefs cook delicious food!

Tormek T-2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener & Accessories

901,16 € / Pcs
91,45 € / Pcs
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