Made in Belgium

WIVAMAC stands for Willy Vanhoutte Machines. Established in 1984 in the Belgian town of Beernem, the WIVAMAC brand guarantees the production of top quality wood lathes and wood carving machines. All WIVAMAC products can be found online at and through our designated international dealer network in Europe.

The brand is very well established and well known among the European woodworking industry. The ‘Made in Belgium’ signature stands for West-European precision engineering and -production, as all products are assembled in-house. Therefore, the brand stands for reliable and efficient manufacturing.

Key elements of our mission are:

  • A good and strong personal link with our customers
  • To maintain the highest possible reputation in the industry
  • To supply machinery designed and assembled in Europe
  • To guarantee superior quality machines
  • To offer an excellent after sales service
  • To regularly introduce trendsetting novelties

It is our vision to expose as many enthusiastic woodworkers and craftsmen worldwide to WIVAMAC products that can help them to successfully realise their projects. We at WIVAMAC think of our customers as our top priority. Therefore we put a lot of effort into helping out our customers when they have enquiries about our machines, or if we need to solve technical problems, address these in the shortest time frame possible.


DB1000 Lathe

2.594,99 € / Stuk
4.295,00 € / Stuk
644,48 € / Stuk
26,35 € / Stuk
21,27 € / Stuk

Zebrano ZX Lathe

6.116,02 € / Stuk
644,48 € / Stuk
25,16 € / Stuk

Carving reproduction machine

2.716,73 € / Stuk
13.495,89 € / Stuk
8.234,79 € / Stuk

Sharpening & Honing

479,77 € / Stuk
36,48 € / Stuk

Woodturning lathe accessories

528,33 € / Stuk
457,34 € / Stuk
138,42 € / Stuk
114,95 € / Stuk